KTBS: Angie's List Prefabricated Homes

When many people hear “prefabricated” or “modular” in relation to houses, they picture trailers or hastily built tract homes. But as Angie’s List reports, today’s prefab housing embraces flexible and modern design with all the amenities.

Angie's List Magazine: Prefab Master

One of fewer than a half-dozen female prefabricated home builders in the U.S. in the building business since 1985. Ursula switched to modular after the housing crash, and with her own house, started a prefab block in Indianapolis' Cottage Home Neighborhood in 2012.

IBJ.com: Female homebuilders find success, despite small numbers

Ursula David embodies the essence of a true trailblazer, spending the past 25 years building custom homes in an industry dominated by men.

But David, who turned 65 earlier this month and is beginning to lighten her work load, has never thought of herself as a leader for other women who might follow in her footsteps. >> Full Article

No Mean City: Building with a Woman's Touch

If you’re stepping foot in the city for the first time, it is the skyline that welcomes you. It is the landscape, the church steeples, the neighborhood aesthetics that greet you. Buildings and houses are the unspoken representatives of any area, and the builders are the unspoken ambassadors, revealing the quirks and characters, drawing out the identities of their neighborhoods.

A few female figures have emerged as leaders in Indy’s male-dominated building industry and have come to represent the city in its surge of new urban growth and revitalization. Recently, I had a chance to talk to two intriguing women and to learn their perspectives on what it means to be a builder in Indianapolis. >> Full Article

SkyBlueWindow.org: Simply Pre-Fabulous

For Ursula David, building a modern prefab home in a neighborhood where she has never lived feels nostalgic.   

Developing a cluster of like-minded homes so others can share in her bliss is "selfish."

And building her decidedly modern homes amid a cluster of quaint, more-than-a-century-old cottages is not the greatest contradiction of all, but, rather, an act of bridge building ... of highlighting the links between past and present, familiar and fresh, personal and public. >> Full Article